4 Ways To Measure Your Video Content Marketing

Business video marketing is a strategy that’s dominating the internet these days, with 61% of businesses currently using video as a marketing media, according to a recent survey. Many B2B marketers still struggle to quantify and measure its ROI.Measure Your Video Content Marketing

There are many types of videos that B2B marketers use for different uses, so there is no single method to measuring the success of different videos. For instance, you might use a general explainer video to attract visitors or a product demo to encourage business prospects to convert and become clients. When you pair a smart video hosting platform with a complete marketing automation solution, you can use video as a brand new channel to engage with your prospects and customers throughout their entire buyer’s journey. You can also understand what video content is getting viewed and for how long (for example–did they just press play and leave or did they watch the entire video?).

You can combine this with other types of activity on your other channels to gauge overall interest in your service. By adding video and marketing automation, you can score leads, trigger an automated email that’s part of a nurture stream, and even alert sales when a hot lead has watched a certain amount of video. You can also build a list of leads who watched specific videos to send personalized follow-ups based on their interests. Try these four keys for measuring up the metrics of your video marketing.

  1. Attract – benchmark some metrics like brand impressions, website views, engagement, and followers before you release your video.
  2. Engage – calculating how many prospects became customers as a direct result of the video.
  3. Convert – include promotional codes at the end of your videos
  4. Delight – make your customers even bigger fans and advocates of your brand

As a B2B marketer, you’re no doubt under a lot of pressure to prove the ROI of your marketing efforts. But in this digital age when you’re juggling more channels than ever, it can prove to be a tough challenge. The saying goes that seeing is believing, but to really prove the value of your video content, you need to be able to demonstrate the ROI each one brings in. Use the simple techniques above to build measurability into your business video marketing.