5 Actions You Want Your Recipient to Do in Your Emails 


Email marketing has been one of the oldest and helpful type of medium available in any B2C and B2B marketing. It can pass through social barrier without sacrificing the context of the message it carries. Unlike the social media, it can deliver specific and professional text with all type of clients and customers. So the main goal of email marketing is to reach the prospect as soon as fast and as reliable as possible.

5 Actions You Want Your Recipient to Do in Your Emails 

You may want to ask yourself that what should be the goal of your email. One common thing you have to know that in email marketing, you should always consider the needs of your prospect. It is the need to reach you back, a compelling information or maybe a product demonstration. Needless to say you have to consider these all under the package of your email. Reps often forget to put a calls-to-action in their emails. Making it uneasy for some clients to reach us back. For calls-to-action or CTAs, we tailored some tips that you can try the next time you will be sending your sales emails.

  1. Include Calendar invite

In this section, you will provide a comprehensive scheduling graphics that will enable your prospect to choose from variety of time. This means that you have to give some space making it user-friendly.

  1. Provide a case study and ask the buyer to read it

In this section, you will provide a case study related in sales and marketing solutions. Do not make it sales centered but informative. Make it understandable and not scientific. Remember you are trying to convince business minded.

  1. Ask when they’re free for a discussion

In this section, you have to ask again when can you possibly reach them out or provide a free consultation. This is a second attempt in winning your prospect.

  1. Send them to a piece of content for review

If the case study didn’t work because it’s too long. You can redirect them into your own website.

  1. Ask a question about something they’ve written

It is not always about you. You can try asking some advice or results from their company. Making them open for further business discussions.