5 Discoveries in Marketing 2015

Think about 2015 and you can think of more than 2015 million ways on how to be awesome. 2015 marks its authority by becoming the technological peak of the decade. But this week about marketing we gathered about what is new and what is not in terms of marketing trend and internet popularity.


Our long weekends have gone in the wind except for our work as marketers in finding new lead online. We have discover here in the site of how marketing technology continue to grow. We compiled the most discoveries in years of study and research of our clients and how they make it to the top.

  1. Consumers Has their own Invisible Cloud – imagine that you can actually trace your track in just using your web browser. This way, people has their own unique framework of how they use the internet. Same as what was just discovered that people actually has microbial area around their body.
  2. Researchers Say they Know how to Make Consumer Smile – Based on the click through control and the content based study by US 2014, they have identified the reason on how to make a user smile in opening a website. They found that content with green structure page can actually improve the content of the website.
  3. Content Drives away bad Spirits – hot content and news based popularity can drive people crazy. While the worst habit a website could have in gaining attention has been obsolete due to the use of modern content marketing.
  4. Mobile User friendly website are not Guarantees – marketing is about finding people. Phone can be a great way to find people but this is actually wrong in terms of finding a lead. There has been low conversion in terms of mobile since 2006 and still depleting due to the advance platform being developed to block of marketing campaigns
  5. Email Marketers are Almost Dead ­–because of high campaign and spamming of business ads in the email market. Email developers started the limiting of email platform in terms of business campaign. This is to reduce the traffic gain by bots that kills the goal of unread emails.