B2B Marketing: Enhancing Your Ads with Extensions

Google AdWords is an essential part of a strong B2B marketing strategy and excellent marketer must know this. Google searchers are actively looking for either pertinent answers or solutions, and with that, marketers can quickly capture their attention and convert them to leads with search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns—as long as they take the right approach.Enhancing Your Ads with Extensions

In B2B marketing campaigns, AdWords offers many ways accelerate your search ads with extensions, and you should use as many as possible. Here’s why:

  • Your ads will take up more of that precious real estate in search results, pushing your competitors farther down the page
  • Searchers can learn more about your company without clicking your ad
  • You can provide links to additional landing pages
  • Google rewards those who use ad extensions with higher quality scores, which means lower cost per click and, in turn, a lower cost per conversion

The shady part of AdWords is the character limit. It is difficult to give a complete summary of the content you are offering or the total benefits of your product only within 70 characters.

With ad extensions, marketers can not only include more information about the company (using callout extensions and structured snippets), but they can also include four more links in addition to the main landing page. This means you can offer five different conversion opportunities with one ad.

Also available is the review extension, which allows marketers to append a product review to the ad, helping lend credibility to your business. There is also the call extension, which lets marketers add a phone number to the ad, encouraging high-intent searchers to connect with your company immediately.

Not all of the AdWords extensions will be appropriate for your advertising, but there certainly are no drawbacks to using those that are. So you have to make sure that every B2B campaign that you will be commencing will actually make the best out of your content.