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Overcoming Sales Objections

3 Unobjectionable Sales Tactic in Telemarketing: When and How to Use them  

  Telemarketing in B2B marketing always encounters the struggle in closing sales. There can be at least five hundred and...

blogging productivity

10 Tips to Increase Blogging Productivity in Content Marketing  

  Blogging as part of content marketing takes a lot of time in production. All the while, there can be...

preparation on black friday

A Savvy Planner for Holiday’s Campaign in Multi-channel Marketing  

  Holiday season is coming, and marketers are preparing to have the year-end strong and prosperous. Just like your holiday...


A Simple Way to Calculate the ROI of Your Marketing Investment  

  Traditional marketing requires you to calculate the ROI by measuring how much sales increased aftermath. Downside is, you cannot...

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