Broke Your New Year’s Marketing Resolution? Here’s How To Make Change That Last


Let’s be realistic.

Enough time has passed since your New Year’s Marketing Resolution in your marketing company to admit that it’s just not going to happen. This is normal. The excitement of the New Year – or the shame that another year has passed – is enough to motivate us to say that we’re going to be better this year when it comes to our campaign and marketing efforts –or so they say.

New Year’s Marketing Resolution

But saying so just isn’t enough.

You want to make things happen?

Assessing Motivation to Make Change in your New Year’s Marketing Resolution:

Ask your team, “Are we ready for this? Are we willing to work hard and make sacrifices to get what we want?” If the answer is no, it may be that you and your team aren’t just ready for this particular change.

Motivation ebbs and flows; it’s based on our emotions, body states, even the weather. Check in with inside the company atmosphere once a week, or at different times of the day. Record the team’s motivation levels in a journal. Be honest about what’s holding you back as a team leader.

And be patient with yourself.

If you keep your dreams on your radar, your motivation will come.

Once you’re motivated – great! You are ready to make a plan.

Let’s use the framework of SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-limited.

Specific – Our goals need to be specific, so that we can make a clear plan to get what we want.

Measurable – Measurable goals allow us to track our progress and see how close we are to getting what we want.

Achievable – A more achievable goal might be to get into engineering school, or to qualify as an astronaut. Or to get up off of that couch. It all depends where you’re at.

Relevant – Do you know that you want it, or do you just think that you want it? If you’re not sure, but are willing to try, that’s fine. Getting out of your comfort zone is admirable. Go for it!

Time-limited – Setting a time frame can add some pressure to the process of achieving your goal. This is a good thing. We all respond to pressure.

The New Marketing:

New Year’s Marketing Resolutions may come from a good place in B2B vendors, but they seldom lead to lasting change. I say ditch the New Year’s resolution. Focus your energies on what you want to do when you want to do it.

Change is too important to be limited to one time of year.