Content Marketing and Ad Blocker Face Off

Recently ios 9 ability to block ads whether on mobile browser or app shook the world of mobile content marketers around the world. This bold move from Apple cringe the eyes of other mobile developers and app developers as well. Recently Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer gave her statement against ad blocker that it is wrong for internet user to install ad blocker on their web browsers. This calls for an argument between Yahoo’s supports for annoying ads on a web page.


In the same reason, this brings us hot topic in the marketing industry. The value of having ad in your web or other web page gave a marketer’s an avenue to reach their prospects. This will cut loose one medium of which marketer gain significantly. Aside from the fact that content alone is not enough to entertain, Mayer said that the focus of mobile company is “inform, connect and entertain.’ That is true then. No one can reach a person faster than the speed of the internet.  it let us communicate to other people and as well as to grow our network.

Information has never been that free with the use of the internet. Content shared across different media are the main reason why internet is the most efficient way to capture your prospects and visitors. We are not saying that everything is free however we must keep it mind that internet is dynamic because real people are paying for it and there is money to it. Marketers are the battery of which we run most of the big data in the web. Marketers are the reason why website still continue to exist in the web.
Say it or not, we call it upon what Mayer said, “it’s about transparency, choice and control” it is always the user who choose what to view and by that, no one is allowed to deprived this right to our viewers because advertising and content are two inseparable element.