How Online & Offline Marketing Can Work Together [Infographic]

Inbound marketing is shown to be incredibly effective for attracting website visitors and generating leads in order to accelerate your multi-channel marketing strategy. But for many companies out there, there’s still a place for outbound marketing tactics (like print advertising, broadcasting, and so on) alongside those inbound tactics just to adapt with today’s B2B marketing techniques. So how can offline marketing work hand-in-hand with your online marketing efforts to achieve your goal in no time? Is there a way to incorporate both into your larger marketing strategy, make a match and get time-saving close sales?

To learn how different online and offline marketing channel can work together for bot website and non-website, check out the infographic below from Colour Graphics. You’ll learn where companies tend to spend their online and offline marketing budgets, which marketing tactics give the best return on investment, and how you can help drive offline conversations through online marketing and be adaptive and responsive in dynamic marketing environment.

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