Partnering SEO and your Content Marketing

In starting your content marketing, challenges may come up. It is inevitable, believe it or not. You are not alone in this. Content marketing does not end with just posting it on your website and wait for it to gain popularity. Well, many big companies got popular with just human intervention, but for starters. It’s like a wish that you are just waiting while sitting down. Content marketers use what is called SEO or search engine optimization. For more info about this, you could actually visit more content on our site. But why so SEO is like a bride for content marketers.


We can put SEO as your manager. Your blog is you as an artist (e.g. actor, singer, model…etc.) and your SEO is the who will manage how you can get popular in the eyes of the people or in this case, get popular in the internet. Let us put as well that Search Engine like Bing, Google and Yahoo are the company or agency you are accompanied with. Your agency will introduce you base on your popularity in which your manger/SEO helps build your popularity and you as a content marketer will do your thing in creating creative content such as blog, demos, website or info graphics.

See how it works? Content marketing are not just about content. It about increasing again the awareness of the service you are introducing into. But normally starters would probably ask why should we still include a SEO person if there are a lot of free software for SEOs. Yes that is right. Those are just software; you will still need the help of a consultant because SEO is a never ending battle wherein you enemies are gaining popularity by second. So you should hire an SEO consultant. For more information about this you can visit more of our content and tips and advices.