Phrases and Words you don’t want your Prospect to read in Your Email


Great impressions last a lifetime. In B2B communication, making it favorable to a prospect can be really serious in getting the success in the first communication. After all, it where the relationship begins.

How can I get on the right foot? What should I do? How can I do this without spoiling the ripening relationship before it even begins?

Phrases and Words you dont want your Prospect to read in Your Email

The question of any sales rep out there and to answer this, it always start with the first email the s/he sends. This email marks the first tone in planting the relationship between the two and moving on, it is important to get it right.

Sadly, many sales people turn their prospect off without even knowing because of the poor choice of words they make. We have analyze some of these poor choice of words and phrases from our email marketers and see why there are a lot of turnovers. See if you have some of the.

  1. “Hi, my name is (persona) and I work at … “

This is an indication of a cold email. Studies show that cold emails are not effective. Instead, you have to build rapport online first.


  1. “Whenever you have a thought, let me know.”

This could leave the prospect hanging by the cliff. Because they are not sure what to do next. Instead, you have to be specific with the next step.

  1. “This is the most perfect product for your company.” 

Over statement can lead to a company feeling you are just boasting. Instead, you have to feel you have the right solution for them.

  1. “This offer won’t last long.” 

This will pressure the prospect in making a rush commitment. Instead, you have to set the timeline of sales with them.

  1. “Our product will definitely make you hit your goals.”

You are not sure yet if the product would really help 100% the prospect. Instead, make it clear with how it will actually help them.

  1. “Who in your company would be the best person to talk to?”

Indication of the lack of research and jumping who is the boss. Instead, give an offer that will help some individual in the company.

  1. “Our product does A, B, C, D, and many more …”

Too much information can lead to zero interest by the prospect. Instead, inform them about their pain points and provide the solution.

  1. “What do you think? Should we move on?”

Putting the prospect in the lime light without option can lead to hesitation and withdrawal. Instead, provide two to three option and make them feel free to choose.

  1. “Do you have difficulties with X, Y, and Z?”

Pointing out they have a problem will make them feel they are not progressing. A really bad impression can any sales rep can make. Instead, provide little by a little over about their figures.

  1. “Would it make sense for us to chat?”

Indication of a cold invitation from a sales person. Instead, make it feel more welcoming.