Prospecting in Email Marketing

How many prospects do you get in a week? How often of these prospects go to conversion? How often to these prospects get in qualification of your leads? These are the questions being asked by someone who is the marketing research. The person who is in charge for these tasks has the same anxiety. But worry no more, there is time to think about the solution. Prospecting is like choosing a candidate rather than shopping inside the supermarket. The type of business partners can be seen on the content of the business not the brand.

In conversion, this leads in finishing the customer lifecycle but marketer should see it as a continuous process in engagement of the company and customer. Maintaining this means that the company can draw an endless referrals and sales in the future. Creating great and new ideas in this phase in email prospecting strategy can be supported by company who often use newsletters well.

Common errors like: disorganized and inconsistent regimen for reaching out to existing customers, maintaining engagement, retention, and future purchases;  “Blast” emails that blanket an entire prospect or customer list and degrade long-term relationships and customer lifetime value; Neglecting to calibrate more or different communication to particularly active and valuable list segments who are eager to invest more with the company.

Viewing email marketing as simple phase (e.g., the newsletter or the auto responder) will limit email from reaching the broad scope it can potentially influence as a marketing medium.

I hope that seeing email through these phases will help you understand all of the “improvement points” along the customer’s buying journey and allow you to make meaningful and systematic improvements in your business.