Quick Hints to Talk Directly to C-levels

In B2B marketing, C-levels are like gold. Talking to someone in the C-level is like finding a deposit of gold right under the mine shaft. Speaking to a C-levels takes more than good communication and professionalism. They are like treasures under the deep blue sea, if you make a mistake in capturing them, it would be fatal in your scores. True, c-level are not that easy to reach but with the right hints and verbal cues, you can win them.


C-level have gatekeepers, they are more likely the secretary or even the security guard. But nonetheless, you have to get pass through them. So here are some hints to elicit the message if you want to set an appointment for C-levels.

  1. Use Multi-Channels – it is recommended to use multiple channels in reaching your C-level executives. That includes, dating sites. Yes, you’ve heard it right. B2B marketing use dating site as well to create a relationship other than business relationship with C-level executives.
  2. Build Rapport – build up your image to your C-level executives so that they can appreciate the efforts you are doing. Share some thoughts about your marketing concept and works.
  3. Get Referrals – ask for some referrals from your leads and prospects for an introduction on other C-level executives. This will add to your credibility as a marketer.
  4. Leave Some Good Voicemails – most marketers don’t leave voice mail message. However, for those who do. They make sure they leave the best impression ever. Making it reliable and at the same time interesting will 20% likely the C-level executive will try to see what the message is all about.

Catching C-levels are nevertheless not easy. You have to maintain your posture as you catch your breath and set your mind in thinking on how to get them.