Rewarding your Prospects

This is the time after you conduct your marketing event, well in this case, your webinar. To add value from your prospects’ attention giving into you, giving them a sweet deal will melt the pot. This is to ensure that they will be keeping in touch with you. But normally one would ask how to keep them coming by not being too obvious about the deal. Here we can share about some of our tactics to enlighten you about this whole situation.

Give Special Offers. Trust me, special offers sure is a catchy part of prospecting specially those would normally say they receive this kind of offer every day. Make your offer sounds personal or limited time offer only, or one-time offer only. This is to make use of time and quality gestures off the rack to make your offer much look like really an offer. Be sure to do this after they attended your webinar or marketing event.

Give free E-books. Nothing today comes in free; however this is not applicable in marketing process. Free service, free trial, and free subscription is all nothing but a part of marketing success. But does not mean free, quality of work is sacrifice. Make it seem that this free item your giving will actually work for your, such giving free e-books. We all know that there is a lot of free e-book being shared today but make it to the point that this free item is exclusively being offered in your service.

Replay on Demand. Just like cable TV, your webinar or marketing event should come at replay but keep this that prospects in return will subscribe to watch your webinar in full.

These extras help to keep prospects moving along the sales funnel after your webinar, but they can also serve as added incentives for participation. Let your prospects know ahead of time about all the extras they will get if they sign up, and make it clear in your marketing messages that these materials will be available to all registrants, even if they don’t end up attending.