The Ugly Truth About Email Acquisitions in Email Marketing

ugly truth

B2B or B2C marketing requires email marketers to gather lots of email addresses. We are not just talking about hundreds of email address but thousands of them. Imagining how many people use the internet and millions of domains we are dealing on this. So the basic step in email marketing is to gather as much as email addresses as you can in order to –of course send them in blast emails.

For starters, email acquisition is kind a tricky because you have to acquire and validate the full information about an email address. You can’t just get an email, without knowing who owns it. It will sound suspicious and unwittingly disturbing. But how in particular can we gather as much as email addresses? Here are some tips and advices I can offer you.

Hire an Email Researcher

This person is in charge in searching the web and finding email address based on the specification of prospects you need to reach. They mainly use organic searching and search engine is pretty much their friend. They can acquire email addresses up to 500 email per single person. If you hire 5 of them, you can get 2500 email addresses in just a day. Isn’t that easy?

Hire an Email Verifier

After gathering thousands of email addresses, you have to verifier them one by one. No exception even if the email address does not sound so suspicious. You don’t want to send your promotional intro to Antarctica. You can use platform like, EmaileX, Verifire or SendMailchip. It’s free and you can spare no money on these babies.

Create an Opt-in for Email

This will require you to program you website and your other website to put an opt-in box. This is where you have to put your email and name in order to access some content in the website.

Make a lot of website

Don’t limit your web acquiring email in just a single count. Make a website that gives free ebooks, movies and sort of thing that any person would do to download the content. This can be pretty annoying, but let’s not be a sour businessmen, it is the real deal of email acquisition.