Who’s your IOWA Caucus in your B2B marketing?  

We’ve seen it before and everyone is rooting who’s going to be the delegates of Democrats? And everyone is running behind the bush to see how this turn of event will course the history of America. The electoral event has begun and Donald Trump might be wondering why there is so many “allegedly” supporter under their umbrella.

IOWA Caucus in your B2B marketing

The IOWA caucus same as with B2B marketing play a crucial role in the American primary process or this case, your sales and marketing campaigns. With this in mind, you as a decision maker should keep an intuitive understanding about how thing go with the process.

But how do caucuses unfold?

Or maybe who is your IOWA caucus in your B2B marketing now? Who will be the hopefuls in your department? Republican or Democrats? Let us discuss and compare some individuals from both side and who can be the candidate in your running campaign.

The Republicans in your marketing process will be the marketing team.

Why is this so?

That is because they have a relatively straightforward process, in which they cast secret ballots in their precinct caucuses – church halls, school buildings. Same with marketing team and lead generation process. They come from different corners and can be qualified with the process.

The other one, and by the contrast is sales team which by the way will be your Democrats.

Why is this so?

This is because they vote publicly in a two-stage election where candidates must get support of 15% of caucus-goers in each individual precinct to be viable. If they fall below that threshold, their voters need to choose another candidate or go home. After that redistribution, votes are counted and from those totals, delegates are assigned. Sure thing is with sales process, you must win the support or in the case of sales, the sweet “YES” of your prospects. And by that means you have to go public and make sure you got them right.

IOWA caucus plays an integral part in America and at the same time your sales and marketing play a critical role in running upside down the B2B marketing you are handling.

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