Why implement Profiling in Marketing Automation?

Profiling is yet new but not many marketers are utilizing this. Many B2B marketers will just focus on bombarding their prospects with different strategy and recreational content to which in sometimes don’t have their focus on. This can sometimes waste the marketing efforts, ROI and energy by which it does not deliver quality results. Here are some best reasons of why should you implement profiling in your Marketing Automation.


Profiling programs will inform you where to invest Marketing’s time and energy. Seeing the demand of which prospects are into will help you create recreational content and not just blindly creating not stackable content of which it does not necessarily meet their end. You can see which category of profiling programs is high or low. What stage of sales are you in or out. This will make more comprehensive content for your viewers.

Profilers point are included in the marketing automation which means its actionable and not just numbers. Stats are just numbers but dealing with numbers with action is the thing in profiling. Lead nurturing comes in the way of seeing the triggers and keeping the prospects at sight. You can see which channel will fit into decision making of lead nurturing.

Profiling will give you an analysis in which category of profiling programs has the best results. Again this will seek0 guidance in making more comprehensive content rather than generic ones. This will also give you’re an idea to what kind of strategy you will be making for those actionable prospects and what particular situation to do it.

Data is only valuable if someone will use it, effectively. In the same sense, it pin point the need of the situation and make them into realization in promoting actionable solution in the real world.