10 Tips to Increase Blogging Productivity in Content Marketing  


Blogging as part of content marketing takes a lot of time in production. All the while, there can be many reasons why a lot writers can’t get into writing in the right moment.

Many of these reasons are cause by the lack of time, too busy from client work or there are no editors available. These reasons are valid though it may not change the fact that in order to produce a successful content marketing, one should be frequent, constant and relevant in content posts.

blogging productivity

So here in our content marketing department, we managed to sum up from all our employees how to produce a good blog post. Though this is still very definitive but we can ensure that it will help a lot.

  1. Multi-tasking

Looking on a blank page of your screen will get you nowhere. Instead, browse multiple website that will spark the topic. Write on a piece of paper and type it on your notepad.

TIP: don’t just rely on typing. Try writing with a pen and a paper

  1. Attend Meeting

Attend important meetings that discusses stats and trends among fellow marketers. This will keep you updated.

TIP: Take note of important highlights and then make an issue out of it.

  1. Avoid too much Social Media

Focusing on social media will consume your time with uninterested and irrelevant discussions.

TIP: Minimize the time in managing your social media account

  1. Organize data

Disorganize data and researches for your blog post will slow your progress in writing. Pin them in your tab site and get back to them as soon as you want to include it in your own writing.

TIP: Copy URLS and make your blog post bulleted like this

  1. Never Procrastinate

Pending drafts are waste and trash. Once you start writing, you must finish it at the end of the day.

TIP: Make a planner with topics and target audience

  1. Don’t be a Literary Perfectionist

Remember that you are writing a blog, not a novel or some sort of. Of course, that does not make an excuse of grammatical error and typos.

TIP: make your writing conversational and friendly. Don’t be sound like a scientist.

  1. Ask Questions

Ask your co-marketers what topic they want to send out from their prospects.

TIP: Cater only a small portion of request.

Content marketing need to have creative and at the same time helpful people. Their piece should be understood by many and it helps I n a lot of way especially for businesses. In this digitally evolving market, imagination will work at its best.