3 Unobjectionable Sales Tactic in Telemarketing: When and How to Use them  


Telemarketing in B2B marketing always encounters the struggle in closing sales. There can be at least five hundred and one strategies out there but that won’t help you out in the real world. Sufficiently, it depends on the situation of the proposals you have. Using strategize telemarketing sales in the right time and how to deliver them can give some promising results. Nevertheless, it always boils down how you do it.

Overcoming Sales Objections

In B2B sales proposals, the word ‘yes’ or ‘approve’ can be rarely heard from our prospects. The problem here is that, some telemarketers will stick to what they’ve got until the end of the sales campaign. At some point, your reps should be able to rub off the old tweaks in proposing and make it more aggressive in order to grab the real opportunity in B2B sales closing.

There are three tactics that your reps should keep in mind, these are:

  1. Limited Time

Some clients just need a little push to decide in a timely manner. Pressing down the pressure and scoping a time limit within a proposal can sometimes get you the results you are looking for. It can mean of losing a lot money or opportunity from your clients if they don’t’ act right away.

Some of these includes in saying that your prospect has a limited time to decide or else pricing may change or some part of the proposal will change after a certain date. Your rep could also point out that the prospect’s business may be negatively affect if he doesn’t close the deal by a specific date.

This strategy works best if the client would say he needs more time to think. Rushing his decision will less likely to affect your chance of disapproval.

  1. Being Persistent

Hearing the word “no” from a client acts like a domino. It tends to create a reasons why salespeople won’t pursue the selling process ending up with more turndowns and bad sales record. Being persistent with some clients by asking follow up questions can sometimes turn that word “no” to “yes.”

Though this tactic sounds helpful, it can however change the course of your sales in a blink of an eye. It can lead to some bad impressions and worse, no sales at all. Bui if the prospect seems ready to buy the product yet a bit reluctant, you can use this tactic efficiently.

  1. Taking It Away

Other than mentioned above, this tactic is the last resort, aggressive and risky in terms of execution. It can only be used at the end of your sales process. This sales procedure narrows down the selection of choices from the client.

With this strategy, you are pushing more. You are to show that your client may lose more than he can gain. You can also make some amendments in your proposals but this is a bit risky form your side.