3 Ways In Promoting Attractive Incentives in Email Marketing

It might seem counter-intuitive to bargain discounts or freebies to make money, but consider the large picture. When your clients use coupons or discounts, they’re still spending money on your products. In some circumstances, they might even be motivated to spend more if they know they’re getting something else at a lower price. And above, you’re building brand loyalty. Here are a few ways you can incentivize your email marketing campaigns:Promoting Attractive Incentives

Welcome new subscribers: When someone provides you their email address, they’re also giving you trust. The inbox is valuable marketing asset, even if people don’t always read your campaigns. As such, it’s important to show your customers that you appreciate the gesture. Try enabling and customizing your final welcome email to send new subscribers a coupon or free download immediately upon joining your list. Or, create an automation workflow that sends a tailored message, coupon, or offer to new subscribers based on information they provided at signup.

Re-engage inactive customers: Do you have customers that made purchases in the past but have since been become inactive? Maybe they just need a little extra nudge to come back. Create a segment of everyone who hasn’t made a purchase within a specific period of time and send them an email to promote new products in your store, upcoming events, or special subscriber-only sales that you have planned in the future. You could even offer them a limited-time coupon or discount to encourage them to act quickly.

Show appreciation: After a customer makes a purchase from your store, thank them for their patronage. Send (or automate) an email to let them know you appreciate their business, provide any applicable care instructions for their new product, and maybe even offer a discount they can use for their next purchase. They’ll be getting a good deal, and you just might increase your chances of another sale.

The bottom line? Be smart about which incentives you’re putting in your email marketing campiaigns, and make sure you’re able to effectively measure your individual email performance, the health of your email list, and your progress toward your overarching goals. As long as you’re able to determine each of those, you’re on the right track for more effective email marketing.