Things a Bad marketer can do with Qualified Leads

Marketers invest a huge time and money in producing leads to sales teams. Every single step is crucial. One mistake can result in losing a potential sale. So you don’t want to make a mistake in harvesting a lead and especially to the qualified one.

Bad marketer

Marketers are people also, some are good and in fact some are worse. We made up a list of things a bad marketer can do with a qualified leads. Let’s see each one of them:

  1. Repeated phone calls:  There’s a difference between nurturing a sales lead and harassing a prospect through a hourly follow-up calls. Constant phone calls can sound creepy. Instead you can use multichannel follow ups.
  2. Sending something too personal: A bad marketer can be overwhelmingly making a close relationship even personal ones with the prospect –to the point they were discussing some stuffs about politics, sex and religion.
  3. Telling prospects why they are a qualified sales lead: The marketer at this point tell the customer explicitly that s/he is a qualified customer. Thus, telling the prospects s/he saw him/her viewing the website for days and hours.
  4. Being too presumptuous: The marketer in this stage is so presumptuous to the point of asking the budget, invoice and referrals directly from the prospect.
  1. Remove the lead from the nurturing process: The prospect will be offered for a discount just to be interested in buying. In this case, the marketer will remove the prospect in the lead nurturing stage because they already asked for a price.
  2. Ignore the lead: Looking back in high school days, being ignored felt horrible. Same as with you marketer in ignoring some message from you lead.
  3. Failing to take the lead off your call list: The person in-charge has become busy to the point he forgot to remove the qualified lead from the calling list. Result? The lead feels like he is being ignored again.
  4. Passing leads too quickly to sales: The marketer becomes too excited and pass the unripe lead to the sales too quickly. This will flank down the conversion in any means.
  5. Passing leads too slowly to sales: The marketer has become confuse whether the lead is qualified or not. Instead the lead will be stagnant for a while.
  6. Not passing information about leads to sales. The marketer has become cold in sending helpful tips and information that the leads has grown tired of waiting.