9 Questions before Working your Brand Identity in B2B Marketing  


B2B marketing requires strong foundation of its brand. In fact, a survey says that 8 out of 10 B2B consultants says they are likely to trust a company with an excellent taste with branding when it comes to business proposals. This implies that although business should not be too focus in developing their name in the market, it is the business façade that will dictate how business partners should go about their decisions.

Brand Identity in B2B Marketing

Once your brand is defined, you are ready to take your brand in your inbound marketing. You can now communicate to the outside world. But marketers fails 80% of some of its marketing efforts due to the lack consideration of some basic reminder. Then, what are these reminders? Let me help you have a checklist before you take off your brand identity into actual marketing.

  1. Define the Project Deliverables

Choose whether you want to have your brand’s message deliver via brief text, website, video, infographic, email campaign, tele-campaign?

  1. Effort expected to accomplish

What is the goal of this particular creative campaign? What do want to happen after this or that? What cation should we take?

  1. Whom we are talking to?

A clear description and variation of our audience. When should we include demographics, behavior, triggers or psychographics?

  1. What’s our message?

Should you use a slogan? A quote? A statement that encapsulates a single yet compelling and persuasive message?

  1. How should we make them feel?

After we deliver the message, what emotion do we expect them to feel? Should they be amazed? Should we empathize? Should they have a second thought?

  1. How should we justify it?

By the time they feel this emotion, how can we prove it? Should we call them? Should you set an appointment? Should you make an email proposals right away to prove your brand’s point?

  1. How do we differ from other brands?

To make us feel special and outstanding, we should be unique in terms of tool, personnel, CRM, facility, clients or industries?

  1. How do this contribute to the brand’s positioning?

Knowing that your brand and company is unique, can you describe how your brand differs from other competitors?

  1. What is our consideration or restrictions?

How much is our budget? How long our video should last? How much time do we need to follow up this and that?

Marketing and branding can synonymously intertwined. They make up what company stands for and they make it clear about their message.