9 Words a Sales Representative Should Try in B2B Selling  

We don’t want to point a sharp sword at our B2B prospects that is why ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’.

As the primary “weapons” of salespeople in selling, choice of words are actually critical in the negotiation process. How they deliver their message reflect what kind of company they are in and it has a dramatic effect in the conversation. If done wrong, there might be a negative shadow on the proposal but on the bright side may twerk an immediate interest in the interest of the prospect. 

9 Words a Sales Representative Should Try

That is why in TeraVertical, we induce a good practice of our choice of words when it comes to talking with our prospects. As of this year, we have come up a at least ten effective words that drove our sales at peak in the last few months of our campaign.

Here are the words we have used.


Selling is never about your company, it is about your client and how they can benefit your company. Using the word “you” can drive the intuitive function of a person to do something or their sense of accomplishment.


The value is referred to your prospect. Again, it is not about you. You should never be focus in highlighting your company’s great feature or technology but their use of it in their business.


This ‘and’ gives option when it comes to negotiation of the product or service. This shows as well that you agree even the prospect is in disagreement. See conversation below:

“I see that you only have a budget of $500, but let me tell you why our system costs $1000.”

“I see that you only have a budget of $500, and let me tell you why our system costs $1000.”

At this point you seem to be in agreement with your prospect.


This word boost the confidence and the trustworthy of the sales person. Reluctant prospect will tend to be distracted the word do.


Suggesting something is not easy if your client is still reluctant. Saying ‘should we have this appointed on…” will make a quick decision from your prospect and by that speeding up the process of sales.


Your prospect is primarily a businessman or woman, and by that you have to support their decision and answers by saying you “consensus is what we” or something like that.


Making your prospect imagine a dream sales can enhance their feeling of security. It entails their imagination thus they escape their own logical decision.


Reasoning is the number one logical priority if you are talking with business people. They won’t see you logically upright unless they hear an upright answer. You have to reason out and say “because” and drive those to your own sales.


Business people are known for taking advantage at every opportunity they encounter. They will leave no unearthed opportunity in this planet. Because of that, you have to exemplify the “GREAT OPPUTUNITY IN SIGNING UP…” in your product or service.