At Last, the Secret in Lead Nurturing Is Revealed


There are two ways to win a marketplace according to Seth Godin. One that requires aggressiveness and the one that needs nurture. Breakthrough is a powerful, attention-seeking idea. It is sometimes risky because of some unintended consequences. It may require a big investment and a lot of efforts.

On the contrary, drips are small, frequent and low-risk engagements with prospects over a long period of time. Drips are commonly known as lead nurturing. It is a commitment that builds stable relationships slowly. If done well, it eventually transforms cold leads to warm ones.

To guide us in lead nurturing which one of the most crucial in B2B marketing, let us see how lead nurturing should be done accordingly. Successful lead nurturing must have the following:

  1. Prospect’s Subscription for Relevant Communication –for outbound messaging or emailing, you should make your prospect opt-in immediately and ask for their consent to receive daily communication from you, this will show slight aggressiveness yet it still demonstrate professionalism.
  2. Accurate Prospect’s Profile –make sure you have an updated and accurate data about your prospect, unless otherwise you don’t want to send some emails to the wrong person.
  3. Prompt Actions base on Complex Criteria –this is important when a prospects is showing an interest on your service. On this level, you must add aggressiveness in engagement like sending some info-mails and special discounts.
  4. Alert on Prospect’s Readiness to buy –once you have started the slightly aggressive engagement, you must be prepared for some actions that your prospect may do and responding to this action when it is hot will surely give you a close deal.
  5. Real Time Notifications for Prospects Interest –prospects have different interests. Giving them the wrong one will take you to nowhere. The level of communication must be kept active to keep the relationship of both parties.

Lead nurturing takes patience and time to have it done well. To demonstrate a successful lead nurturing program, one must be ready to give efforts in their prospects.