Avoid These Words or suffer the consequences in Telemarketing


In calling a prospect, you have to be compelling otherwise you won’t get any sales. Same as in B2B appointments, it should always be like positive and engaging. But they may actually driving people away from your service or product. Some of these common words have been overly used that it has lost its meaning and now they sounds like filler in the scripts or lies at the best.

Avoid These Words or suffer the consequences in Telemarketing

Some don’t make any sense at all in B2B prospecting and others never really had much meaning in the first turn. Let us take a look how many of these words your sales agent are actually using in your sales and marketing entries so that you can formulate more original, attention-seeking words in your script.

  1. Leading

This words has no basis or fact. There was no contest who leads in your industry. So does that make sense? Every can say they are leading and anyone can say that. So why bother?

  1. Actionable

This words has been incorrectly used in many situation. What it really means is that 1) furnishing ground for a lawsuit 2) liable to a lawsuit 3) ready to go or be put into action; ready for use. Thus, it does not make sense in sales conversation.

  1. User Experience

Having a positive feedback from the previous customer would not guarantee your sales. It only shows you are using your old customer as an excuse for a crappy service.

  1. Honestly

When you start your sentence with the word “honestly”, your customer will assume that you are actually being dishonest.  If you need to tell them when you are being honest, then have you been dishonest the rest of the time?  Don’t make yourself seem guilty.

  1. Excellence

Just like the word leading, this does not make any basis for being excellent. Additionally it does not shows any value towards the prospect.

  1. Strategic

Every approach should be strategic.  Nobody tries to solve a problem randomly.  Telling your client that you are strategic makes it seem like you are talking down to them.  They assume that your approach will be strategic, so why do you need to tell them it is?

  1. Quality

This word has unfortunately been used more by companies with poor quality than those with great quality.  Because of this, just saying the word “quality” is a huge turn-off for buyers.  They will assume that you are just like the other companies that flaunt their high quality and deliver low quality.

Calling scripts nowadays all sounds the same. What should business do is to provide an alternative that will show value and respect in their prospects.