Clipping some leads: Lead Nurturing

One of the problems encountered in marketing is how to consider a lead, whether if it is helping or not. Some says that keeping a record does not hurt the investment; some would say that keeping an unresponsive lead indicates it is not worth it. But let skip to the part of the argument and focus in creating a solution to make our lead nurturing be effective. Removing mass leads will sure hurt the investment but since it concern some financial predicaments; we have come up some nice ways to clip some unnecessary leads. Clipping few leads is important due to targeting does not always require wide-array of leads. Totally, this requires criteria from leads and here to show you what are those:

  1. The 21 days rule –these leads are inactive for 21days. Neither if its consecutive or not, if it is within this range, most probably this type of leads will not be converted. The 21 days rule will applies to leads wherein no action has been done. One way to confirm these is to keep the activity record in the CRM.
  2. No Appointment –these leads are not negotiable no matter what. If you see that there has been no appointment on these leads, they are probably a hoax. Leads such without any goods in the business must be clipped.
  3. Inconsistent info –these leads have inconsistent information in their profile. Such email changes in the previous days or changes in their job title. This makes targeting of lead difficult. One day it’s right, next day it’s not.
  4. Irrelevant info –these leads have irrelevant data which can be considered as hoax again. Irrelevant in the way that it is way impossible to verify. The job title sometime is absurd and does not have anything to do with the business.
  5. Unreachable –during voice verification or follow up, these lead are unreachable. Voice recorder always answers the phone or none of the calls were answered during the last 21 days (same rule applies).

Remember that these rules do not apply in all lead marketing strategy yet it still applicable in some ways. Just take time to consider and think what is the important in your lead marketing.