Data Journalism: Why should you use this in Content Marketing?  


Data is the next big thing in digital marketing. In content marketing, data is the most valuable addition when it comes to educating people. The flow of information nowadays is just a piece of cake. The marketing industry runs in networking which allow people to pour in some time and take an interest. Normally in content marketing, creators write blogs, e-books and webinars. Those thing are useful but that wouldn’t let you try a new way to inform. Sooner or later, you have to come up with a new strategy and that is data journalism.  


Data journalism is mean use of data analysis by comprising and making them into info-graphics or just by using them as a fact. It is in the use of dynamic surveys and significant numbers cohesively tied together. The reasons why this type of media is that it brings new possibilities that open up which combines traditional ‘nose for news’ and ability to tell a compelling story with the sheer scale and range of digital information.

To answer how data journalism helps marketers, it brings traffic, value, authority, learning and transparency.

  • Traffic –it allow more visitors, if properly optimized. It generates more inquiries which can be pipelined into leads.
  • Value –the importance of a single information is highly valued by business owners. For example, a business in wood lumber may require data that shows probability of wood lumber to decrease in the near future.
  • Authority –it inscribe authority coming from credible source. It allows people to make and believe as to what they read.
  • Learning –new learning that educate people. Imagine sparking the minds of your readers.
  • Transparency –due to its concise and brief image, the transparency of reading information has never been any better.

Data journalism is in high demand now that is why there are lot of studies and surveys conducted as part of their research in contributing more relevant data. The fact that data is important in B2B marketing is also important in generating more information.