Effective Content Marketing Keys

The B2B Marketing today is not just about advertising or selling the product or services. It is more likely to influence the interest of the people and then supply their needs to adapt to provide long term company-to-consumer relationship. Content means the meat of your advertising, with you know, added some spices and stuff that’ll make your meat tasty. So same as advertising, but more detailed and the advertising part is somehow hidden.  I’m not going to lie, but this blog is as well part of content marketing but just one of many channels you may encounter. Let me give you some keys for you to know whether content is for marketing or not.

1.Too much Visualization

Content comes in many shapes and size, but most of them obviously comes in attracting colors. Colors designed to be attractive enough for readers to notice. Tell me not, but colors are much better in making content.

2.Shareable, readable and engaging

Honestly you have to impress right? But impressing comes in many forms like writing something about anyone can relate into. Because you have to think that everyone must be able to understand easily my topic. So most bloggers will write something engaging but in the end it is just non-sense.

3.Find the melting spot

Your readers are like flies, and flies go to a particular place and congregate, place like pile of crap. Yes, readers from all ages come into one place like facebook, reddit and many others.

4.Not just blogging. Try vBlog, it’s better

Well readers might get bored and stop reading your stuff, even if it is really engaging. Try something new like vBlog, or make a music video of your company and make some funny tones. That way, you can gain more viewers. Trust me.

5.Don’t be greedy

Share your blessings, like sharing content across the cyber world. Don’t be scared if people will hate it. At least you have shared it and your content became popular, just not in the way you thought it would be.

See, if you see all of these signs, that is absolutely a marketing content and people will pay for it. Most of them maybe, or at least.