Here’s Your Guide to B2B Email Marketing Checklist and How You Do it

B2B marketing is not like other functions in one very important way – if you make just a single mistake, it’s difficult to hide.  If you are in B2B email marketing, your mistakes are seen by every business client and B2B prospect that opens your B2B emails, which is why some things are scarier than approving a send to an extremely wide prospects. I have goosebumps in which I find out, the next day after a big email blast, that I’ve spelled every B2B prospect’s name wrong.

My anxiety of sending out a bad B2B email has caused me to make something that I don’t say out loud with a lot of people. As a matter of fact, I’ve never say this to anyone – not even my managers. But among other B2B marketers I feel comfortable revealing my creation:  my revealing B2B email checklist.

B2B Email Marketing Checklist

Every B2B marketer has an email checklist, whether or not we make them in front of our boss. The email checklist is your final quality assurance before you hit “send “and blast them to space. It helps you make sure that you’ve captured every error, and double-checked every bullet. For many B2B marketers, the email checklist helps you sleep tight at night.  If you have a revealing email checklist, feel free to share it with your teammate. If you don’t have that email checklist, it’s time to make one. I mean, right now.

The Structure of the B2B Email Marketing Blast in and Out

A good B2B email checklist is based on a solid understanding of your B2B email send’s moving dimension. When you edit one section of the B2B email, it influences another component such as putting a brief intro about your company and its service. For instance: if you change the recipient of your B2B email, you also have to change the email’s messaging and subject line to reflect the new B2B prospect.

So what are the basic components of an email send?

  • B2B Prospects: Who you are sending the B2B email to
  • Business Content: What you are saying to help their business grow
  • Creative B2B email template: How the B2B email will look
  • B2B Campaigns: The medium (program or campaign) that is sending out your B2B email

The above email checklist may seem deterrent, but when you make your B2B email checklist, you’ll want to categorize your safe haven around each parts.