How Sales and Marketing Help Each other in Closing a Deal  

In the in sales journey in business, closing the deal is the most critical pace of any sales people can handle. This is where your sales rep should not just be leaning their back because their buyers are now ready to close the deal. Normally, your sales reps would just let it go and bet on what the buyer will say. This is wrong because ensuring the close deal, even though you have nurture your leads well will not fully satisfy their conditions.

sales and marketing help each other

Closing the deal is just like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Even though you can see how the deal is going and will be going, it is not yet 100% to say that your client would say “YES.” You might be missing some pieces from your sales puzzle that your buyer is looking for.

Here, you can share stories of buyer’s pain points to them fully realize there are pain points in their business and will start to search and ask some solution, of course coming from your marketing department. Your marketing team should be able to share these ideas to your sales people in order to help them close the deal more effectively.

Knowing their customers’ unique pain points, needs, and questions can help them have more meaningful and relevant conversations that end in sales. Your sales team will be sure to appreciate your help in sharing these stories.

Additionally, you can provide analytics to your sales team to make your sales rep aware of what type of offers your buyers are into, what subscription they are interested and how they stumble upon your brand. Things like these can overcome objections because the buyer can relate to and know that your sales team knows them well. This type of critical information can help the sales team understand where prospects are in the sales cycle and where to focus their communication efforts.

To sum up, lead scoring from both sales and marketing will make the data balance as the two department’s measure your leads. When this happens, marketing will be better able to nurture leads to the perfect degree and sales will only spend time following up on the prospects who are actually ready to buy -increasing the chances of making the sale.