Marketing Automation: Is it Safe Enough for Marketers?

One of the trendy use of marketing application these days is the ‘marketing automation.’ These helps marketers decide what strategy they will use to propagate their target market. Marketing automation does not end with just giving off results data but it combines an integrated set of decision for someone to do it. So, one would ask if marketing automation is really safe and how it affects human capital in some ways?


With the continuously growing web, content in the internet exceeds how human can think of every possible avenue. These involves information which is useful for the marketers. With the area of digital universe growing from 130 exabytes to 40000 exabytes, nothing is impossible for marketing automation technology to do.

To balance this, marketing automation and human management must be in coherence to ensure that we are not run by machines just like in the movie The Matrix. No matter how technologically advances a system is, it will never able to replace a human being, Machines can look for a pattern a customer behaves in the web, determine its forecast of how like it develop to buy a product. But machine cannot write content to motivate people to buy, so in the end, it’s still human. It can tell you what your audience wants to read, but it cannot create the content itself.

The purpose of machine learning is to help marketers with the insights they need to improve their content production, and the creativity always belong to the people.

Doing so, machine learning uses NLP or Natural Language Processing that will help in marketing, NLP analyzes content based upon themes and topics and will be categorize to the types of content and understand people who are interested in them.

Sure it is likely to be convenient living in this era, but people and marketer should know how to handle this well.