Telemarketing: How to Deal with Fussy Callers

dealing with fussy eater same with dussy recipient

Predictive calling is in use in telemarketing. Predictive scripts and queries may have been the norm of many telemarketers. They are already used in delivering the same kind of tone, voice and words. Primarily because telemarketers are outbound callers which prediction of the customer’s yes and no’s are the basis of which runs the main conversation. It is true then if a telemarketer is a pro, he can make an easy yes and avoid certain no’s. But how about those people who has a lot of questions and irrelevant queries? It is in consideration that sometimes business people are somewhat eccentric and needed to be answered or entertain first before giving their yes.

I personally have an experience about calling in India wherein I’m calling about printing services. He picked up the phone and then suddenly (without me taking an intro) asked about where he can buy ceiling fans. I was like caught in a bad net where I don’t have any idea of what to answer. Reluctantly I answered he can buy something like that online and then he said he knows where to buy it. Really? Is he just messing around me that time? I think the answer is no. He was just testing me out if I can a test myself of being a pro marketing agent. I was caught off guard when he said he has positive interest in my offer whilst we talk about the ceiling all time.

In that scenario, wherein telemarketers caught in the middle of irrelevant questions. Sometimes the most eccentric recipient will give you your close sale. This comes to us that, sometimes fussy recipient may not be really that bad and just going within their pace may lead us to surprise success.

In our telemarketing team, we always tell our agents to engage the customer within their niche of interest. If our leads are into the category of what we offer, we tell them to cut the information bit by bit especially Chinese businessmen who utterly wanted to discuss detailed version of what you are selling (if you’re selling stuffs). But when speaking to Chinese or Malaysian business owners, we go over with the details and emphasize the gravity of having our service to them and they can make a lot of profit. Sooner they will say yes, unless you are calling some cheapskate business.

To sum up, calling is always engaging in a communication. Allowing the flow between ideas and being an open minded with your recipient is crucial thus it takes you on some good results.