The Internet of Things and Marketing

Ever watched The Matrix movie back in 2001? Imagine human behavior has been manipulated by machine and use them as energy source. Knowing so give us an idea how technology took over the capacity of human to think. In a data-driven market, Internet of Things has become a great deal in knowing the customer’s behavior from smart device attached on their daily living.

Since Internet of Things can observe what type of behavior a  user does, it can actually helps the user optimize their daily activity by interacting with the user through application. It would actually give or in some instances may not allow a user to do the said activity based on the series of data it gathered.

The purpose of IoT is to help the user but most critics will say that in the future, it will make humans more dependent in the technology. Thus technology will then take over the planet. Regardless of the machine will invade us or not, marketers already found a way to utilize the situation by using IoT to have a comprehensive study on their prospects.

IoT then helps marketers to build a medium in prospecting. Knowing what, when and how consumer behaves can actually help in categorizing people base on their daily activity. Application such in monitoring exercise movement may send some data to the web and providing marketers the info that this type of consumer are into body building. Marketers then send some tips and info of their company on how they can help the consumer maintaining or improving the consumer’s activity. Utilizing the capability of IoT in prospecting can improve the target and scoping the consumer down to its details.

IoT integrates with smart device which can also be another channel for marketers. Smart device has been used by 20 million in US alone. Knowing such fact can help integrate information dissemination in those target areas and people. Not only that it can create a multi –distributed range of info but also a multi channel and sub-channel as well.

Keeping with the technology can be too convenient but remembering why we develop such ideas for us not to become too dependent in the area of human interaction.