Tips in Working the Social Selling in LinkedIn Profiling  


Social proofing in B2B marketing is essential because you represent not only yourself but the wholesome image of the company that you are working with. The image of social persona must stand credible and reliable and most of all, can get new clients interested in.

This is what is called ‘Social Selling’ which delivers concrete reputation towards the audience. This is best executed in social media platform. LinkedIn on the other hand is a social media where business leaders are gathered in one roof. In this matter, we have to see how social selling works in building LinkedIn profile.

Social Selling

Social selling is a part activity and part reputation. It does not end with liking, sharing and commenting with your audience. Moreover it is a way to increase the awareness of your profile in the market. Initially in social selling, you can start with re-editing your LinkedIn profile that can deliver the right message and as well as express exact message of your work.

To do this you can start by changing the HEADLINE of your profile. It should be compelling and straightforward.

The profile PICTURE should be professional but not stiff. Choose a high-res picture that would make a buyer feel confident trusting you with their business.

The LINKEDIN URL must be simple and easy to search.

The CONNECTIONS should consist of personas that will help you build up the connections and the definition of your profile.

Your SUMMARY must be three paragraphs and don’t make it too long. Make your EXPERIENCE listed with service and should be bullet-ed.

HONORS and AWARDS should be limited into two to three because your client is after your service not your awards. Include blogs, articles from third-party sites in the PUBLICATIONS.

In the RECOMMENDATION, you can ask a previous client that had work with you at least six months.

Social selling is not a one day process, you have be dynamic so that you will never be left behind by your buyers.