What Linguistic Registers has to say with Content Marketing?

The article of Christopher DeMarco was a bit radical towards register. The underlying implications and issue regarding the topic was shown but not necessarily stated in the context. The question about register as an important factor for English for Special Purpose curriculum has been implicitly shouting in the context however recommendation as well has been seen. The article will give us the following insights of register for ESP: advantage and disadvantage or register, contrasting ideas and recommendation for efficient use.

Let me explain what I was referring about the question on register. This question defines on the importance of register in ESP or in other words, as I quote “is it really necessary to have register on ESP?”. The role of register is questionable because learners are only motivated to learn the language as instrumental purposes. I stand in my point that English as second language, in reality serves only as compliance in the academic purposes but not as a tool of communication. But let me consider the issue only applicable for English native speaker. We can also question as to why native speaker of the language takes extra effort in understanding the context in fact English has been the language of science, technology, business or commerce.

Since we are talking about the target audience and how we can produce much more efficient use of this register in content marketing. Register can help marketers actually in making the use of language in marketing methods. This will help us answer if product demo videos are important from content marketing. If brochures are effective or web pages that document regular software updates and upgrades. If customer support and help sections are used on the same website. If product specification sheet are necessary and If all these are a requirement in the content.